kids-trundle-bedTrundle beds are a fantastic solution for small bedrooms. Our design allows you to pull the trundle out from under the bed on roller wheels.  We always recommend a trundle as an option when siblings need to share a small bedroom – this is a great idea to save floor space that can be used for play. Trundle beds are not only meant to be slept on but you can also store toys in the trundle too.  Our trundle comes with a solid base so its perfect to store toys likes books and Lego pieces.  Trundles make tidying up the room super easy and with a little push all of your kiddies toys are neatly under the bed.


The trundle comes on rubber wheels so those with parquet flooring don’t need to worry about damage from the constant rolling in and out.  Its easy and light weight when it comes to pushing and pulling.

Trundles are perfect for siblings, sleep overs and a space for mum or dad if little one inst feeling well in the night.  All of our trundles fit under any model of our bed range and are a valuable add on.  We couldn’t recommend them more! Come into our show room to view a trundle today!