The Panel Bed


For those parents who prefer the solid wood look then you can’t go past the  panel bed.  This bed showcases the beautiful wood workmanship that Ni-Night is so well known for.  It’s perfect for those rooms that need a statement piece.  This solid bed is strong and versatile and gives you the chance to add to it and create a statement piece or simply use its clean lines to create that simplistic elegance that grows with the child as the move from young toddlers to pre-teen years.


This kids bed never goes out of fashion or seems to childish for older children. Its perfect for disguising messy sheets at the foot end of the bed if they haven’t been folded or tuck in neatly ideal for those who are learning to make their own beds. Many siblings share rooms and this panel bed is perfectly neutral which means that it can be a great medium for both brother and sisters sharing a room together. Reflect their space with different color  linens but style with symmetry with the matching unisex panel bed.


Here are some products we recommend to help you create the perfect look for your little ones