The Haze Has Gone Away

With Christmas on its way and the haze a far away memory – its time to fresh up your home. After those terribly grey hazy days, its time to give your house a good clean from top to bottom, but if you don’t have time to do that here are other quick ways to freshen up your home.

Open up those windows

Open up your doors and windows and let the fresh air into your house or apartment. After being shut up during the haze, our spaces can do with some fresh air through them. Give those rugs a good old bang and let some fresh air through those curtains.



Add A Splash of Colour

I am a real believer in swapping your old cushions and throws with bright colourful spring inspired ones. A new rug, some fabulous new artwork – you will feel great – and you don’t need to pay designer prices. Look at these new SCOUT cushions arriving next week. Did someone say citrus???

SCOUTKids-Lime copy


SCOUTKids-Lemon1 copy








Bring The Outdoors In
Nothing says fresh like a fabulous potted plant or a gorgeous vase of flowers. I love a green plant in the bathroom – oh come on – I love a green plant in any room. Lets bring the outside in I say!












Set Up Your Outdoor Entertaining Area
We know what its like living in Singapore. Not all of us have the pleasure of an acre of backyard like that gorgeous country down under so lets take advantage of what we have. The postage stamp sized balcony. Freshen it up with some plants, outdoor furniture and lanterns – and I guarantee you will be out there before I can say Vodka, Lime and Soda! Here’s Cheers!