Organise your little ones clothes

Keeping your child’s room neat and tidy can be a real drag.  It’s important as parents we instill in them the skills and importance of cleanliness and pride in their personal spaces.  We need to share with them the importance of care and appreciation for their belongings by teaching them to pack and put their things away nicely

Many families have 2 little people in the room, then space and storage is really at a premium.

So here are some quick tips on de-cluttering and organizing your kid’s clothes

When setting up your child’s closet make sure you address these two points

  • Short little toddlers have easy access to clothes
  • There are not too many clothes that make it difficult to find pieces and pack things away

Not taking note of the above means that your child would just stuff their clothes anywhere they find space. Toddlers might feel frustrated by not being able to reach or see their clothes.

We recommend drawers, whereby the eldest child gets the top drawers and your youngest is down below where they can reach.

Use a clothes tree for those items you use everyday like the schoolbag or school uniforms so they can be easily found each morning when you are rushing.

Use a trundle pull out under the bed so that your little one can find bigger items such as boots or jackets.

Baskets placed on the floor for dirty washing keeps the room tidy and can easily to be dragged to the laundry room by your little ones helping hands.

Lastly, each year before Christmas have a big clean up where you de-clutter the room and collect toys to donate to your local charity.  Teaching your little ones to value the community and share is always the best Christmas gift!