Multiple spaces in one bedroom, how to use your child’s bedroom efficiently

One room, so many functions! Nowadays with small bedrooms here in Singapore a child’s bedroom needs to be more than just a place to sleep. It needs to be a study to do schoolwork, or a room to play games, pretend play, read, daydream, visit with friends and store toys, teddies and books. As you plan out your child’s bedroom, you’ll need a space that serves all those functions but is also comfortable and practical for several years to come. The ultimate experts on what kids like best are kids themselves, so get them involved in the design process by letting them help with selections. That being said, children’s preferences change often, so use accessories and colours that can be easily replaced. Overall, whether you’re decorating a playroom, bedroom or nursery, be sure to think about fun and growth but most importantly practicality.

Here are some ideas and tips for decorating for the three types of areas your child will need throughout their childhood years from the Ni-Night team

Play begins in the playroom, but how do you decorate this busy space?


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A playroom should be lively and fun, so get creative with your colours and furniture.  A wall mural or wall sticker is a great way to incorporate playful designs, while chalk oil cloths from Cheeky Egg let kids produce their own masterpieces. Try using fun furnishings like a beanbag, floor cushions or rugs.  Because it is a multi-functional room, use your space smartly. Purchase  cabinets and shelves for much-needed toy storage, and include a desk or work table for homework and colouring. Divide the space into zones so that quieter kids can draw or read in the corner while louder, more active kids can watch TV or play board games.

How do I decorate my kids bedroom?

When designing a child’s room, think about colour, colour and more colour. Incorporate a favourite hue on the walls or bring in bright accents, but stick with neutral white furniture that doesn’t need to be swapped out as interests change. While the furniture should be appropriate for your child’s age, it also should be something that can grow with him or her. Get full-sized dressers and cabinets that can last through the school years, and consider a bunk bed, which is great to share with siblings. If your children share a bedroom then this may free up space for a much needed playroom.


How do I decorate a nursery?

In the infant stage safety is crucial. Research and read the literature on all surfaces and products, and get up to date on product recalls before you make major purchases. Once you’ve done your homework, it’s time to start buying. Of course, a cot and changing table are key purchases, while a rocking chair and a bookcase are area nice added extras.  Be careful with adding too much furniture though; you want to be sure to leave some floor space for your young one to learn to crawl and walk. When it comes to colour, choose something soft and calming and decorate with gender neutral white furniture that can easily be used for future siblings.

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