Mixing comfort and style in your child’s bedroom

Just because its comfortable doesn’t mean that it can’t be super stylish….

So many parents worry that keeping up with the latest trends means sacrificing your child’s feeling of ease and comfort.  There are so many options to look at when it comes to soothing colours, images that instill self confidence and functional furniture that looks good but gives you the functional elements that your kids require.  Check out our quick top tips below to help you get the look you want while making your children’s space homely and comfy.


Our top tip for preventing restless and sleepless nights.  Perhaps most important when it comes to ultimate comfort and relaxation for those growing bones is good quality linens. Only purchase those that are 100% cotton especially considering the hot climate here in Singapore. This is the best option for fabrics that “breathe” during those super hot months.

Perk up a dresser or drawers with colorful ribbon remnants.  You can use colour coding to help teach the little ones where each clothing item belongs.  Unify a dual-function room with a simple, relaxing color scheme. A dresser can work as both a changing table and storage of toys when your little ones gets older.  This means you save on costs but keep your furniture functional and relevant.


Navy and Green Triangle Cushion Scout

Create a warm place for your shared reading time: a bookcase stocked with favorites, good lighting, and cuddle-worthy seating. We recommend to use beanbags with comfy cushions.

Choose a soothing wall and deco color, like baby blue, that gives a room an ease-into-sleep feel.

Make comfort a priority with practical rugs that cover those hard cold floors and invite your child to play and sit comfortably on the floor.  These rugs also give you the opportunity to create depth and decorative layers in the bedroom while making your child’s comfort the priority.


Scout rug