5 Ways to Learn through Play at Home this Weekend

Whether its too hot outside or the rain is keeping you indoors, we have you and your kids entertained with these five awesome toys and activities.  Its never been this much fun to be stuck at home this weekend!

On the weekend cooking should not be a chore, get your kids involved and whip up some tasty treats that you can all sit around the table and eat together.  What a great way to spend some quality time and invest in your little ones skills whether it be learning to measure or learning how to use new utensils, this is fun activity that will inspire the whole family to become top chefs

No time to go camping this weekend? No problem, that’s what these amazing Tee Pee’s are for.  Children loves the idea of being able to hide out in a tee pee, one great piece of cloth that can inspire hours and hours of imaginative play.  Place this outside in the garden for the afternoon or leave it in the bedroom corner.  Ask the neighbors kids over to enjoy the fun with your little ones too.

Indoor fun at $195.00

Inspire exploration and teach the value of nature around us.  Help you kid become the ultimate bug hunter. Equipped with a magnifying glass and a sample jar to place the little bug in for observation, you will have a nature conservationist on your hands in no time at all.

 This gift gives your child the passion to explore the garden or park and appreciate the little details around them.  Perfect for boys and girls this is the gift that keeps on teaching and igniting the imagine within.

To the garden we go for $18.50

 Every child seems to have areas of advanced skills.  If your little one seems to be a handy- man in the making then try them out on one of the DIY craft ranges.  Children can sit at the table and construct a toy that has been handmade by their own little hands.  Your child will feel so proud of themselves and feel an extra special bond with their new handmade toy, this gives them total bragging rights and whats more it kills those midday hours on rainy days

Tea? What a cute way to spend your afternoon.  Little girls love tea parties, let them be the ultimate hostess as they serve you delicious cups of tea and pastries.  Invite all the teddy s along and make it a teddy bears picnic.  Setup a table in the living room or under a shady tree.  Pass the hours by with fun interactive play.  This is also the perfect way to teach etiquette through role play and table settings.  Go on girls get out the fine china for a setting

Tin Tea Set $55.00

Children love to play and this is how the learn about life around them.  Inspire play with your children and enjoy the quality time with them.

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